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Implement the methodology of 1% and improve productivity, cost effectivness and satisfaction within your company



1. The 1% methodology looks for useful, simple and concrete ideas that can be implemented between a day and a week.

Moops implements a work culture in companies where people practice day by day their ability to detect small improvements, prioritize them and execute them effectively.

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We implement the 1% methodology through training and workshops.

To find and execute the actions we use interviews, analytics, sensors and small experiments that improve your team productivity and your workspace. 


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Creators of moops

Javier Cebreiros

JC |  PhD in communication, founder of Ensaia, partner in Impact Hub Vigo; Huffington Post blogger, author of two books and consultant on communication 

Edo Sadikovic

ES |  Co-founder of Sende, international trainer in the field of social entrepreneurship and conflict transformation; CoE Youth Peace Ambassador and partner in Impact Hub Vigo;